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What is a ShutUp! Toy?

        ShutUp! Toys are fun, low-tech, inexpensive, engaging toys that will keep your children off their electronics and busy during those times you think they should just ShutUp!  ShutUp! Toys are perfect for long car rides, restaurants, or any time you just need some peace and quiet.  ShutUp! Toys are not only fun, but also helping kids get their eyes off the screen and work on their fine motor skills, critical thinking, and independent and social play.  

What is your shipping policy?

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How many days do I have to eagerly check the mail before my package arrives?

Are your toys safe?

What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

What if my order came quick, was fun, and totally awesome?

How does the toy of the month club work?

Do you accept returns? 

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