About Us

Hi! Thanks for visiting our site! Our “about us” is going to be a little different than the typical business’ - we are all about family, and this is the story of ours ...

Beth and Rob Kaneff met and fell in love 25 years ago.  Rob was quite the entrepreneur and Beth backed him in whatever crazy business idea he had next, but no idea or business venture was crazier than having two kids twenty months apart and then another four years later.  

Hillary, Jacob, and Ellison grew up in a loving family.  But that doesn't mean they never fought when mom was trying to make dinner, screamed during car rides, or spilled drinks at restaurants. Sometimes.... they just needed to ShutUp!

Fast forward a few years and Hillary met Brian who quickly became part of the close-knit Kaneff family. Fast forward a few diplomas, and the four kids were following in their dad's entrepreneurial footsteps, always dreaming up the newest business proposal. While gathering one Friday night for Shabbat, Rob and the kids were huddled together discussing new ideas, while Beth was setting the table.  Beth, trying to get their attention, screamed, “Can you guys just ShutUp! already?”

And so ShutUp! Toys was born...




Rob and Beth Kaneff
are the heart and soul of this family.  Rob has started and ran successful businesses for the last 30 years, and Beth has been his right hand woman through it all.  


is the oldest Kaneff kid and the original schemer, always persuading her little brother and sister to follow her in her next crazy idea. Besides the business in her blood, she has always had a love for helping others, especially kids.  Hillary is now a nationally certified counselor and a licensed associate counselor with her masters from Rowan University in K-12 school counseling.


is the middle child and the most level-headed of the group, always keeping the rest of us on track. He is experienced in managing and great with operations and logistics, determined to quickly get the toys from our fulfillment center directly to your door! Jacob graduated from Rutgers University with a dual bachelor's degree in business and information technology.

is the youngest of the Kaneff five, and has grown up surrounded by the business antics of her dad and older siblings.  Hillary and Jacob used to convince her to do all the work at their lemonade stands while they sat back and collected the profits. But soon realizing her own love for business, she is currently attending The University of Maryland as a double major in supply chain management and marketing with a minor in sustainability.


fits right in with the loud, gregarious, Kaneff bunch!  He graduated from American University with a major in business administration, a minor in economics, and a specialization in marketing. He is currently pursuing his MBA with a specialization in supply chain management. Brian has traveled to China over 20 times sourcing products and for quality control. He has been working in the business world for years now and is experienced in operations, supply chain, and quality control.


: The cutest Kaneff.  Lulu is the beloved Kaneff dog who willingly attended all business meetings. It just wouldn't feel right leaving her out!           


The Facility
: Our warehouse is in Bensalem PA, near Philadelphia.

We operate out of two buildings (The Campus), with a total warehouse space of 50,000 square feet.  Our food room, is a 2000 square foot self-sustained room within our primary warehouse.  It is an FDA and PA Department of Agriculture inspected and approved facility.



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